For any design project LUXESCAPE puts together a design team and a technical project management team that will bring your story to life. We will work in close collaboration with you to create an authentic design experience that is in line with your image and mission.


LUXESCAPE’s design methodology has at its core six key steps. These are: DISCOVERY,  EXPLORING, INSPIRATION, FORMULATION, EVALUATION and ACTION.


  • DISCOVERY: At the beginning of each new project an assessment is made about  your vision and priorities including the image you want to project to the customer, operational concerns and budget requirements.


  • EXPLORING: A research of competitive models will take place during this step and possible differentiators will be defined.We will look at the relationship between the lifestyle of the targeted demographic and the project location.


  • INSPIRATION: Based on the information gathered on previous steps we start looking for the ingredients and imagery that will assist us in creating the desired result.


  • FORMULATION: During this step a project design narration is developed along with mood boards, images and conceptual sketches. These parameters coupled with your vision and input will set the design direction for the project.


  • EVALUATION: Once the design is developed with your approval we will produce drawings keeping in mind budget limitations.


  • ACTION: During the construction stage of the design, we will review suppliers’ submittals and collaborate with contractors and purchase agent. Once the design is built we will walk through the space addressing any required corrections and adjustments.

We look forward to bringing your LUXE vision to life!.